KuRsE... a normal man... until one day...

   At a happy time in his life, Kurse was at the store looking for a plunger to unclog his toilet. He bought a plunger for a great price. He went home and entered his bathroom. Right when he about to use the plunger, a small creature appeared floating in from of him.

   The creature said "You're not sticking my plunger in there."

   Kurse, angry at the little creature, said "Oh yes I am!"

   The creature lifted his hand and it began to glow. "No you're not" said the creature.

   Kurse said "What the hell are you?"

   The creature lowered his hand and said "I am MaK, the genie of the Plunger."

   "Genie of the Plunger?" Kurse burst out laughing.

   "No, seriously... and now I have to give you three wishes."

   Kurse stopped laughing. "Really?"

   "Yes... Hurry up. I don't have all day."

   "Okay... one... I want to be able to change my looks..." Suddenly Kurse turned shiny, his skin matching the toilet he was standing next to. "What the?"

   MaK started laughing. "There ya go... Liquid Porcelain... You can change your looks now."

   Kurse narrowed his eyes. "Okay... two... I want to be able to change back to my normal self." With that, Kurse turned back into a human.

   "Okay number three, hurry up."

   "Three... I want your Plunger..."

   MaK suddenly looked angry. "As you wish," and then MaK disappeared into the Plunger.

   Kurse shook his head and mumbled "I need to see a shrink..." He pointed the Plunger towards the toilet and suddenly the toilet flushed, unclogged. He looked at the plunger and thought about Liquid Porcelain. "I really need to see a shrink..." he mumbled. Then Kurse got a tingly feeling. He looked down at himself and he had turned glossy. "AHHH!!!" He didn't remember being glossy. He remembered being flesh, and then he felt tingly again. He was no longer glossy, but back to his human self. "I really need to see a shrink..." he said as he walked out of the bathroom holding his new plunger.

   The next day a fish died, probably no big deal. The fish was named "Toilet," after Kurse. Did it put a voodoo curse on Kurse? Probably...

   A false rumor started spreading about Kurse, while he was trying to understand what had happened the day before. Kurse found out about these rumors and they struck him deep. He then proved the rumor false, but it left him confused and weak.

   Kurse slowly regathered himself over the next week. And then he was struck when he was told that his girlfriend had left him. His heart was ripped from him and splattered on the ground. Speechless he was...

   Kurse had lost all that mattered to him. He then decided to search himself for what must become of his life. He fell into deep thought, leaving his mind open forever what may be absorbed.

   Kurse gained contact with MaK. He managed to talk MaK into helping him. At this time, Rick, a spectre from the past claimed ownership of Kurse's mind. Rick was a silly fool though, he was easily destroyed by MaK and Kurse.

   MaK begun training Kurse to use his powers to help fight Niftyspork and Bob who want the Plunger but do not understand that it would be powerless in their hands. Under MaK's teachings Kurse got in the habit of taking the Plunger everywhere with him, learning to use and conceal it.

   Kurse now sits in the cold, cooling the hate and anger within. The conflict inside is invisible on the outside. Now he must learn to handle his abilities and his soul.