NWoR News

New members this week: Antxvx Deangelous Lifechance Vangelous Viorblue2 Zekon Once again, DrkWndFury recruited the most people, so she will recieve a 100 GP bonus this week. If you need an application to recruit with, tell me and I'll send you one. There is also an application on our webpage. Forum News: We are now part of the RGF. The leader is Qiris, if you have any questions email me, metalman11, or Qiris. Member News: I would like to thank Tanthanal, Devilfury2, and Nemo for helping in a dispute that involved another NWoR member. They will each be given a 150 GP reward for their troubles. Enemy News: DeadfrostX is still our enemy, and I will still pay a huge reward to anyone who captures or kills him. Artical of the week: A few days ago, I got a letter from a friend concerning about a new guild that is based on murder and rapes. It seems that they recruit people and they have to choose wether they want to be a murder, child murderer, rapist, and so on. Even though this is not real it is still degrating to know that a group of people have created such a guild. I only hope that none of us encounter any of these people because they kill ur character. Hope that this newsletter will help some of us. If you know a person who is in this guild, please try to convince them to get out of that guild. Thanks P.S. the name of the guild is DoG: Death overtakes Good Submitted by FDKermit. Profile of the Week:


name: Lord Arzok class: death knight / litch eyes: midnight blue ht: 6' 3'' hair: well he has a few lond wisps of white hair here and ther but thats about it. alignment: nuetral evil description: he is a long dead unstoppable warrior wo commands grat magical abiltties as well. he attacks at the slightest hint of disrespect or annoyance but is not by any means rash. he justly sees things and desides the course of action he will take. he has an ancient 2-handed sword witch has long been stained by blood. he has a great intellect and his wisdom is equal to his 400 centuries of life. he is one of the best mages that has ever stepped foot on any plane and he does not hesitate to ise it. he is a favored servent of the goddess Takhisis and the god of dark magic , nutari. all those who dare touch him feel burning pain course up their arm. he is in command of other undead vampires. he also has demon allies. he is always ready to go to any length to fight 4 his guild. Other News: I'm please to announce my marrage to Nemo. We were wed on Tuesday, with Moonhze as a witness. Classified Ads: Are you lonely? Do you not have a Valentine this year? If not, contact LilDrgan, and she will fullfill your Valentine's Day fantasys. Roster: LORDS: DR eViL822 2d75 METALMAN11 2d75 LADY: BriaFoxx 2d75 2ND IN COMMAND: DRKWNDFURY 2d70 WARLORD: ICEKING4U 2d60 BODYGUARD: HAWKEYEKID 2d65 Tanthanal 2d60 Nemo 2d60 vangelousv 2d58 HIGH COUNCIL: PRIMUSSUX9 WESBELMONT DARKELF320 COOKIE3737 ADVISORS: Slinger345 2d40 Queil Tals 2d40 Toiletodor 2d38 COMBAT TRAINER: deangelous 2d40 GUILD WHORE: lil drgan 2d38 HEAD OF WARRIORS: primussux9 2d45 WARRIORS DIVISION 1: wesbelmont 2d40 alex frye 2d38 geahzue 2d36 ratrunick 2d34 khaylalee 2d32 Devilfury2 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 2: swordpower 2d40 xavier1327 2d36 mdan80 2d34 bracko14 2d32 jjjimmyy2 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 3: lilgarza 2d40 oddeyes253 2d36 x klor x 2d30 lrd rune 2d28 WARRIORS DIVISION 4: cry0fwolf 2d40 Dragoon803 2d38 fdkermit 2d36 stardoll67 2d34 lans00 2d32 HEAD OF MAGES: misty3378 2d45 MAGES DIVISION 1: swordpower 2d40 riara80 2d36 LdyMerilee 2d34 songbiade 2d32 antxvx 2d30 MAGES DIVISION 2: mageman 2d40 wisper211 2d38 lifechance 2d36 viorblue2 2d34 MAGES DIVISION 3: MiFalcon 2d40 Nomindsrce 2d38 topplayr69 2d36 fenris3640 2d34 zekon 2d32 HEAD OF SPIES AND ASSASSINS: darkelf320 2d45 SPY DIVISION 1: v vanla v 2d40 isobeau 2d38 pvtfox 2d36 mouse11292 2d34 elffan582 2d32 ASSASSINS DIVISION 1: mckenzali 2d40 drake1523 2d38 newt337325 2d36 fantom8735 2d34 keti liana 2d32 Icefury1 2d30 HEAD OF HEALERS: cookie3737 2d45 HEALERS DIVISION 1: galahed 2d40 nymphgdss 2d38 gabby nyte 2d36 djdyngsngl 2d34 silverouna 2d32 HEAD OF THIEVES: moonhze 2d45 THIEVES DIVISION 1: blunder965 2d40 dpyuri 2d38 auriaurora 2d36 vwvcleovwv 2d34 superrpg 2d32 TOTAL MEMBERS: 81