NWoR News

New Members: This week we have tooo many new members to list them all here. Again, DrkWnkFury recruited the most new members. Forum News: We are still in the RGF. Job Offer: Any assassin willing to take on a dangerous, yet well paying assassination, please contact me. WebPage: Toilet is still doing our webpage, so if you have time, check it out: NWoR Member News: Drifter87 became a father this week. He's now the proud father of twin girls. Profile of the week: Cookie3737 Name- she has many names, but you can call her Anya or Cookie Description- a white half-shirt and blue wide leg jeans cover her 5'10" frame, showing off her tan skin. she wears brown leather hiking-boot type shoes and a green and blue beaded necklace rests on her collarbones. curly brown hair hangs on her shoulders. her deep grey eyes seem to look directly into one's soul. her movements are catlike and almost fluid, and when she walks she makes no sound. her only weapon is a Colt .44 which rests at her hip. she uses this for self defense...among other things. her reflexes are fast, and it's not a good idea to run at her or sneak up on her...though laid back, she has a tendancy to be jumpy at times. Personal quote- "I'm not easily angered, but once I am...ye better hope I don't catch up to ye...and that ye have some damn good life insurance!" a bit of personal history- she comes from Bretonnia and is 115 years old. she is a skilled knight and comes from a prestigeous family. Anya now lives in RhyDin with her husband. Roster: LORDS: DR eViL822 2d75 METALMAN11 3d75 LADY: BriaFoxx 3d75 2ND IN COMMAND: DRKWNDFURY 2d75 WARLORD: ICEKING4U 2d60 BODYGUARD: HAWKEYEKID 2d65 Tanthanal 2d60 vangelousv 2d58 HIGH COUNCIL: SKEETER367 WESBELMONT DARKELF320 COOKIE3737 ADVISORS: Queil Tals 3d45 Toiletodor 2d45 COMBAT TRAINER: deangelous 2d40 GUILD WHORE: lil drgan 2d38 HEAD OF WARRIORS: skeeter367 2d50 WARRIORS DIVISION 1: wesbelmont 2d40 alex frye 2d38 geahzue 2d36 ratrunick 2d34 khaylalee 2d32 Devilfury2 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 2: swordpower 2d40 xavier1327 2d38 bracko14 2d36 jjjimmyy2 2d34 drifter87 2d32 WARRIORS DIVISION 3: lilgarza 2d40 oddeyes253 2d38 x klor x 2d36 lrd rune 2d34 kinged423 2d32 armagedan 2d30 laidnlethr 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 4: cry0fwolf 2d40 Dragoon803 2d38 fdkermit 2d36 stardoll67 2d34 lans00 2d32 eclipses16 2d30 chrnbl 2d30 veztis 2d30 wulfsbane9 2d30 leon mort 2d30 HEAD OF MAGES: misty3378 2d45 MAGES DIVISION 1: swordpower 2d40 riara80 2d38 LdyMerilee 2d36 songbiade 2d34 antxvx 2d32 xandrew17x 2d30 MAGES DIVISION 2: mageman 2d40 wisper211 2d38 lifechance 2d36 viorblue2 2d34 rknight99 2d32 MAGES DIVISION 3: MiFalcon 2d40 hirum 2d38 vampyrclaw 2d36 pseudotype 2d34 MAGES DIVISION 4: nomindsrce 2d40 topplayr69 2d38 fenris3640 2d36 zekon 2d34 dreviin 2d32 magenelf 2d30 HEAD OF INTELLIGENCE AND ASSASSINS: darkelf320 2d45 INTELLIGENCE 1: isobeau 2d40 pvtfox 2d38 elffan582 2d36 snarfur1 2d34 argentwrym 2d32 ASSASSINS DIVISION 1: drake1523 2d40 Icefury1 2d38 Panthyr99 2d36 evii edwin 2d34 vamphuntda 2d32 ASSASSINS DIVISION 2: mckenzali 2d40 keti liana 2d38 wae517 2d36 ASSASSINS DIVISION 3: Newt337325 2d40 fantom8735 2d38 gaultaarad 2d36 ancholt 2d34 flyurchin 2d32 HEAD OF HEALERS: cookie3737 2d45 HEALERS DIVISION 1: galahed 2d40 nymphgdss 2d38 djdyngsngl 2d36 silverouna 2d34 jugie34 2d32 vxramzaxv 2d30 HEAD OF THIEVES: moonhze 2d45 THIEVES DIVISION 1: blunder965 2d40 dpyuri 2d38 auriaurora 2d36 vwvcleovwv 2d34 superrpg 2d32 mouse11292 2d30 TOTAL MEMBERS: 96