NWoR News

New This Week:

Well, this news letter is the first new thing this week. We will now be having weekly newsletters to keep you informed on guild news. If you have any ideas for articles, or would like to write anything, email me. Other News:

We now have regular meeting times! Our meeting times will be Saturdays at 12:00 pm est, and Sundays at 6:00 pm est. I will send out buddy chat invites to anyonewho is online at those times. Meetings will be for discusing guild news and we can have games and stuff, if you want to. (by games i mean scrambler and stuff, not strip dice) Even More News: We now have a website on tripod. Here is a link: NWoR If you have any suggestions of stuff you would like to see on there, tell me! This website is maintained by a really cool guy who is doing it for the experiance, so if you notice anything wrong with it, please tell us. In Other News: We need to keep up the recruiting. Recruit everyone you see, even if they don't want to be recruited! If you need a copy of the application, tell me. We will be offering rewards to people who recruit alot. By rewards I mean GP's. Lots of them, so start recruiting. In Addition To That News: We will be featuring a Profile of the Week in upcoming newsletters. If you want your character to be profiled, write me a short (6-8 lines) profile about your character. Also, we will be offering classified ads. If you have any services or products to sell, tell me and you can advertise them for free. Also, we will run "I love you" ads, if there is a special someone you would like to tell that to. Roster: LORDS- DR eViL822 2D75 METALMAN11 2D75 LADY- BRIAFOXX 2D75 2ND IN COMMAND- DRKWNDFURY 2D70 WARLORD- ICEKING4U 2D60 BODYGUARD- HAWKEYEKID 2D65 HIGH COUNCIL- PRIMUSSUX9 WESBELMONT DARKEFL320 COOKIE3737 GUILD WHORE- lil drgan 2d38 WARRIORS DIVISION 1- primussux9 2d40 wesbelmont 2d38 slinger345 2d40 alex frye 2d36 geahzue 2d34 ratrunick 2d32 khaylalee 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 2- swordpower 2d40 dragoon803 2d38 boajj316 2d36 xavier1327 2d34 mdan80 2d32 bracko14 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 3- lilgraza 2d40 cry0fwolf 2d38 lecflute 2d36 oddeye253 2d34 fdkermit 2d32 stardoll67 2d30 x klor x 2d28 MAGES DIVISION 1- misty3378 2d40 swordpower 2d38 mifalcon 2d34 cpatch2000 2d32 xvldydemvx 2d30 ldymerilee 2d28 MAGES DIVISION 2- mageman 2d40 nomindsrce 2d38 wisper211 2d36 toplayr69 2d34 fenris3640 2d32 SPY DIVISION 1- darkelf320 2d40 v vanla v 2d38 isobeau 2d36 pvtfox 2d34 mouse11292 2d32 elffan582 2d30 ASSASSINS DIVISION 1- darkelf320 2d40 mckenzali 2d38 drake1523 2d36 newt337325 2d34 fantom8735 2d32 keti liana 2d30 HEALERS DIVISION 1- cookie3737 2d40 lans00 2d38 deadfrostx 2d36 galahed 2d34 nymphgdss 2d32 gabby nyte 2d30 THIEVES DIVISION 1- jade 4068 2d40 noagle 2d38 blunder965 2d36 dpyuri 2d32 auriaurora 2d30 Queil Tals 2d35 Total Members: 71