NWoR News

New This Week: This week we have 9 new members. They are: v w v Cleo v w v peach10 Djdyngsngl IceFury1 DevilFury2 Tanthnal SuperRPG SilverOuna Lrd Rune Welcome to our guild! Recruitment: More people need to start recruiting. This week, DrkWndFury did the most recruiting, so he is getting a 100 GP reward. If you need an application to recruit with, tell me and I'll send you one. We now have new applications that have a link to our website on them. Forum News: We are still trying to decide which forum to join. I have gotten info from UGC and UAC, but if you know of any other forums, send me some info on them. Enemies: We now have one enemy. Her name is DeadFrostx, and she has threatened to kill us all one by one. If you see her, do her a favor and put her out of her misery. I will give a huge reward to anyone who can either kill her or get her as a slave. You get an even bigger reward for making her a slave. Website News: Toilet is doing a really great job on our website, and he has added a guestbook, so please go sign it. Also, I would like all members to send me a character profile or a link to their website. Our website is at: NWoR Classified Ads: If you need to be pleasure in a special way, please contact LilDrgan, the guild whore. If you have anything you would like to anounce or advertise, tell me and I will give you a free classified ad. Profile of the Week: This weeks profile of the week is by one of our new members, Peach10: CHARACTERS NAME? Nemo Naut CHARACTERS RACE? Heridian (kinda aquatic species, but can live on land. Breathe without air... we use our bodies to resperate.) Description: I am tall, dark, and mysterious. I wear a black cloak that my love gave me, and I have brown hair and gray/green eyes. I have a small boomerang-style blade on my belt. I also have 2 9MM holsters under my cloak and a gloc holster behind my back. Lalala.. that's it. Oh, and I have a big something... you know what -=]. Personal Quote: Llama Llama Llama Thank you Peach, for that inlightening profile. Meetings: Meeting times are Saturday at 12:00 pm est and Sunday at 6:00 pm est. Roster: LORDS: DR eViL822 2d75 METALMAN11 2d75 LADY: BriaFoxx 2d75 2ND IN COMMAND: DRKWNDFURY 2d70 WARLORD: ICEKING4U 2d60 BODYGUARD: HAWKEYEKID 2d65 Tanthanal 2d60 Peach10 2d60 HIGH COUNCIL: PRIMUSSUX9 WESBELMONT DARKELF320 COOKIE3737 ADVISORS: Slinger345 2d40 Queil Tals 2d40 Toiletodor 2d38 GUILD WHORE: lil drgan 2d38 HEAD OF WARRIORS: primussux9 2d45 WARRIORS DIVISION 1: wesbelmont 2d40 alex frye 2d38 geahzue 2d36 ratrunick 2d34 khaylalee 2d32 Devilfury2 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 2: swordpower 2d40 xavier1327 2d36 mdan80 2d34 bracko14 2d32 jjjimmyy2 2d30 WARRIORS DIVISION 3: lilgarza 2d40 oddeyes253 2d36 x klor x 2d30 lrd rune 2d28 WARRIORS DIVISION 4: cry0fwolf 2d40 Dragoon803 2d38 fdkermit 2d36 stardoll67 2d34 lans00 2d32 HEAD OF MAGES: misty3378 2d45 MAGES DIVISION 1: swordpower 2d40 mifalcon 2d38 raira80 2d34 ldymerilee 2d32 songbiade 2d30 MAGES DIVISION 2: mageman 2d40 nomindsrce 2d38 wisper211 2d36 toplayr69 2d34 fenris3640 2d32 HEAD OF SPIES AND ASSASSINS: darkelf 2d45 SPY DIVISION 1: v vanla v 2d40 isobeau 2d38 pvtfox 2d36 mouse11292 2d34 elffan582 2d32 ASSASSINS DIVISION 1: mckenzali 2d40 drake1523 2d38 newt337325 2d36 fantom8735 2d34 keti liana 2d32 Icefury1 2d30 HEAD OF HEALERS: cookie3737 2d45 HEALERS DIVISION 1: deadfrostx 2d40 galahed 2d38 nymphgdss 2d36 gabby nyte 2d34 djdyngsngl 2d32 silverouna 2d30 HEAD OF THIEVES: moonhze 2d45 THIEVES DIVISION 1: blunder965 2d40 dpyuri 2d38 auriaurora 2d36 vwvcleovwv 2d34 superrpg 2d32 TOTAL MEMBERS: 79 Have a nice week!