Name:            Bria Foxx
Location:        Rhydin
Species:         Shapeshifter
Preferred Forms: I usually take the form of a human, but I can shift 
                 into a fox.
Clothing:        Wears a tight black leather dress that clings to her 
                 firm cleavage, barely covering her tight round	ass, 
                 black suede riding boots, and a floor-length black 
                 fur-lined cloak.
Panties:         Black tiger-stripped thongs
Age:             25
Sex:             Female
Marital Status:  Married to Nemo
Hobbies:         Being with my honey
Height:          5'9"     
Weight:          110lbs    
Eyes:            Blue
Hair:            Blond
Fur color:       White with black tipped ears and tail
Tattoos:         A red rose somewhere special...
Piercings:       A small hoop in my belly button
Weapons:         The tip of a diamond bladed dagger peeks out from
                 its sheath under her dress...
Occupation:      Conscientious objector(my own protector)
                 Lady of NWoR 3d75
Pets:            Whiskers, my cat
My Shrinks:      WSXBull and Megawowie
Personal Quote:  It's not who you love, it's how.
Background:      I'm originally from the Star Wars universe, but I 
                 have recently become a permanent resident of Rhydin. 
                 While in the Star Wars universe, I was a high-
                 ranking Imperial spy, for many Imperial sims. My 
                 specialty was dissembling enemy sims, by corrupting 
                 them from the inside. While in the Star Wars 
                 universe, I was married 4 times, but I no longer 
                 acknowledge the existence of those marriages. After 
                 leaving the Star Wars universe, I met and dated some 
                 nice guys, and finally married Nemo again.