Name- she has many names, but you can call her Anya or Cookie Description- a white half-shirt and blue wide leg jeans cover her 5'10" frame, showing off her tan skin. she wears brown leather hiking-boot type shoes and a green and blue beaded necklace rests on her collarbones. curly brown hair hangs on her shoulders. her deep grey eyes seem to look directly into one's soul. her movements are catlike and almost fluid, and when she walks she makes no sound. her only weapon is a Colt .44 which rests at her hip. she uses this for self defense...among other things. her reflexes are fast, and it's not a good idea to run at her or sneak up on her...though laid back, she has a tendancy to be jumpy at times. Personal quote- "I'm not easily angered, but once I better hope I don't catch up to ye...and that ye have some damn good life insurance!" a bit of personal history- she comes from Bretonnia and is 115 years old. she is a skilled knight and comes from a prestigeous family. Anya now lives in RhyDin with her husband.