Member Name:	I am known only as the Lady Lenore. Black Weretigress, clanless. A white gold belly chain dangles from her waist. RGF 3d20 10exp
Location:	She roams RhyDin's darkness, her secret recesses, her blackest shadows, seducing her darkest hearts.
Birthdate:	Will be 25 on 3/24
Sex:	Female
Marital Status:	Slave to Sinofnight
Hobbies:	Bringing the defiant to their knees. I cannot stand the totally submissive, there is no challenge. I have 3 forms; human 6'5", hybrid 7'1", Black tiger 5'11" long, 635 lbs.
Computers:	I Wear a Black leather bra, short Black lether miniskirt, Thigh High Black leather stiletos, and a whip on a black leather belt.
Occupation:	Conjurer/Telepath  Raven hair flutters down her back to the small of her waist, eyes of brilliantly glowing Star Saphyres.
Personal Quote:	Her leather attire near to bursting with her overwhelming, volumptuous flesh. "For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore"~E.A.Poe